Italian girls and women are the real masterpiece of our country. Lazzarini wanted to praise their beauty and elegance with a unique timepiece, inspired to every single day emotion.

Aurora born to give love to our customers, remembering that every second of the day is the most precious thing we could have (from here, the selection of a great movement, with day/night complication)

The first engineering issue for the development of this timepiece was the dimension. To suit with elegance women’s wrist, Lazzarini had to reduce as much as possible the dimension of the watch case, after the movement selection. We achieved only 8mm. Case thickness (including zapphire glass) and 36mm. Case diameter with movement EPSON VX3W (quartz).


First design includes stainless steel watch case waterproof until 5ATM. The white dial is accompanied by silvered embossed hours indicators, to recall the colour of the case. Lazzarini’s Logo appears at 12 position keeping the design unique and elegant.


Second colour wants to be the opposite of the first one, with a completely black dial and white Lazzarini writing. Also this variable shows at 6 position the “day & night” complication. In this specific dial, where everything seems dark, this complication underline the importance of the sun during day’s hours and maintain the magic moon lines during night hours.

Rose Gold

Last design is a “come back” to the first one. We wanted to highlight the importance of elegance through a 36mm. Rose gold painted stainless steel case, to suit every life moment of our customers, without renounce to the main style and design of Aurora.


Case diameter 36 mm

Case width 8 mm
(Including zapphire glass)

Waterproof 5 ATM

Stainless Steel 316L case

Belt width 18 mm

This is not a limited edition, but every single watch is individually customizable and dedicated to every single customer. The objective is to keep the uniqueness and the passion inside the product most higher as possible, to give the right feelings to our customers.

Starting from € 169,00 (IVA inc.)

Inclusive of a JCS hand made leather strap


For any kind of dedicated customization, please feel free to contac us.