The beauty of Capri

Case study of a custom made watch

Lazzarini watches are uniquely developed upon order basis, following our customer dreams. One of our best creations is about a love story born right here, in Italy. Between Capri’s colours, the story of one of our first masterpieces raised.




For Alessandro, main objective is to provide a unique watch to a friend. During the contact stage, usually we organize a phone call with the customer, in order to define the main pillars and feature of the watch. In this specific case, there were 2 essential requirements: automatic swiss movement GMT and Capri’s Faraglioni di Capri internal to the dial design. With these ideas, the project stage could begin. Thanks to a movement bookcase of more than 100 movements, Lazzarini is able to select the best design applicable to customer expectations. Project phase requires at least 2/3 working weeks.



Once defined the essential pillars of design, we will issue a dedicated commercial offer, strictly targeted to customer ideas. Already during project stage, we provide a preliminary cost evaluation, necessary for the watch development, so this little stage does not take so many time. Customer budget is an essential requirement, and Lazzarini work in the best and hardest way to satisfy this requirement, also going against some technical requirements where allowed by the main customer expectations. Both commercial and technical versatility, together with competence will add value to the process stage, latest of the production.



Once defined and closed the commercial agreements, the production of the watch can start. Duration of this phase depends on customer expectations and production times. Every piece is unique and handcrafted with love, quality and patience. Usually, without any unforeseen, this phase requires from 6 to 8 working weeks. For these 2 pieces, it were necessary 9 months of production. At the end, the result was perfectly suitable suitable to customer expectations.



After delivery, it is our job and pleasure to monitor the situation for the first 3 months after watch receipt from the customer. At the end of this period, we will send a questionnarie which will resume all work stages of Lazzarini through 10 points. From project to production, your opinion will be greatly appreciated and will be used for the costant development of the company. Specifically for this unique project, the total rating was globally 9,29/10.

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