Configure your personal
and unique timepiece

How does it work?

The intention of this form is to guide the customer to the creation of his/her unique timepiece. The engineering study of Lazzarini watches has the objective to assist you during all the design process, to inform about all the possible issues and alternatives available on the market before the official issuing of the purchase order.

    Order management and refund policy

    Our watches are unique and non-replicable pieces, accompanied by a certificate of uniqueness. All production steps are monitored and reported to the customer on the basis of a weekly report. In order to meet the customer’s needs, Lazzarini considers the following commercial conditions as standard:
    – 30% on order
    – 30% to the production of the dials
    – 40% upon issuance of the final certificate and photographic proof of merchandise readiness.

    Amounts are not refundable since the watches are uniquely manufactured.