“I often think that the night si more alive and more richly coloured than the day”

Van Gogh

Notturno is the first model developed by Lazzarini Watches. Inspired to the beatiful nights of italian landscapes, this unique mechanical watch is characterized by two level dial, designed to recreate the emotions of stars during the period of our history. Time indication wants to be simple, but perfect in every single detail.

Nature, stars and mechanic colliding together in the uniqueness of the night. The movement which our timepiece is equipped with is the ORIENT CAL. YN84A2. The same is considered for all the different designs developed and available. The first Notturno line has been crafted inspired to the three moment of its history: past, presente and future.


First design includes a two levels dial with internal level as wooden to remember the first seamen boats. Classic indicators and hands bring the emotions back in time, to the beauty of nature seasons, in continous movement as the open heart in 9 position.


Second colour is completely blu, with two different milling processes on both level dials to keep the difference between sky and sea. Hours indicators are embossed on the second level and LUMINOVA C1 treated. Inspired to the reflection of stars on the sea, indicators, hands and power reserve will be LUMINOVA C1 treated to let Notturno shine during the darkest hours of the day.


Last design is strictly minimal, following futuristic ideas and concepts. Completely black metal dial shows the italian soul of notturno at 12 position, with the power reserve indicator coloured as italian flag.


Case diameter 43 mm

Case width 14 mm

(Including zapphire glass)

Waterproof 5 ATM

Stainless Steel 316L case

Belt width 22 mm

This is not a limited edition, but every single watch is individually customizable and dedicated to every single customer. The objective is to keep the uniqueness and the passion inside the product most higher as possible, to give the right feelings to our customers

Starting from € 399,00 (IVA inc.)

Inclusive of a JCS hand made leather strap

For any kind of dedicated customization, please feel free to contac us.