Our watches manufacturing process

Every watch that goes outside Lazzarini can claim an high quality production process, able to mix the small industry to handicraft. We work with the best warehouses in Europe for our components supply to ensure a unique style to our masterpieces. Together with this “industrial” part, Lazzarini has a strong conviction of the inestimable value of watchmaking craftsmanship. Italy is a country full of skillful craftsmen, able to give every timepiece the deserved attention. As our grandparents arranged themselves to solve mechanical problems, also we entrust to extremely skilled artisans, who can warranty the correct and durable working of our watches during the time.


Although in popular thinking, mechanical watches (excluded huge brands) and their repairing are strictly related to vintage section, there are various watch masters, both in Italy and worldwide. Most of these artists are not limited to cuckoo clock repairing, but are able to restore and build artwork watches, unique under all point of views. Often, modern watches end up in the hand of these artisans and get a complete revision, that will upgrade completely the capabilities, the precision and durability through time.


Even with various technology innovations under this point of view, artisan instruments have not been affected so much, unless about material quality and finish of the instruments. tweezers, clamps, lathes, milling machines, reamers, abrasives and awls remain the main instruments for a correct watch mounting and restore. Moreover, there are various types of test benches for the most meticulous watch masters to ensure the perfect mechanical resistance of the piece. Test benches, more or less sophisticated, can measure the water resistance, the precision of time indication through a dedicated device that can report the delays and advances, and in the most extreme cases it is possible to ensure electro-magnetic fields isolation.


Handwork is an activity that we want to propose, both professionally and humanely. Lazzarini born in a difficult period, with a mission: giving to our watches a unique soul, that could show up to the wrist of the owner. With this objective, watch components can be developed by handcrafting, such as belt, box and dial, which will be hand made by the best artisans available inside the national and European scenario. In extremely outstanding case, we can provide a 100% handmade watch crafting, with a commercial development completely different from standard watches. In this case, we have to add to Lazzarini design service and job, also the engineering, production, testing and mounting of a luxury product, available only to few lucky people. Hand made movement and case can form a watch that could cost tens of thousands euro, with more than one year of waiting time. Nevertheless, there won’t miss the technical – commercial support by Lazzarini, who will continuously monitoring the activities and report the same consequently to the customer.